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The Learning Clinic


About The Learning Clinic


TLC is a learning clinic that provides education assessment, planning and support for children and teens identified with dyslexia or a learning disability.  

At TLC our professional team provides youth, parents and schools with the tools, skills and support necessary for greater academic achievement.  A specialized education plan that outlines the short and long term academic support program is created and closely monitored for each child. 

Education plans are based on the psychoeducational assessment report, the needs identified by the child’s current school team, the school Individualized Education Plan (IEP), and the needs identified by the child’s TLC teacher. 

Who Can Attend TLC?

Only youth diagnosed with Dyslexia or a learning disability and their families are referred to TLC.  The youth must have undergone a psychoeducational or cognitive assessment.  An initial consultation is set up with Dr. Barnsley to review the assessment, the child’s history and to evaluate the fit with the goals of TLC.  Based on the results of the initial consult, a referral may be made to TLC.

How do I get a psychoeducational or cognitive assessment?

Assessments can be booked through Dr. Barnsley’s office. If you have concerns about how your child learns and you suspect there may be an underlying learning difficulty affecting your child’s mental health and/or school based achievement, a psychological assessment may be appropriate.


Most people find the assessment is paid for through their third party health care insurance plans.  Dr. Barnsley’s staff can answer any questions you may have about the assessment.   Alternatively, assessments are sometimes conducted through schools, so ask your school guidance counsellor about assessments and how long the wait list is.  Assessments are also available from other registered psychologists.  

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email anytime. 

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