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Assistive Technology Training (AT training)

AT Training is available for youth, parents and school staff. AT Training involves using the technical tools that are most helpful in providing in classroom and at home support for learning. These tools can include the use of dictation software, screen readers, scanning school documents, using text boxes with handouts and assignments.  All youth at TLC are trained on AT.

Writer's Workshop

Youth identified with the need for support with essay writing, writing stories, organization of thoughts for writing, formulating visual thoughts into words, concrete writing, and those with language based difficulties benefit from being trained in using AT for writing skill development.  The TLC teacher aids with the development of skills and implementation of tools for improved writing.

Sibling Monitoring and Early Reading Skill Development 

Dyslexia has been shown to have a strong genetic link.  As such, early reading support for young siblings of a child with dyslexia is often recommended. This allows for support during early literacy skill development and aids with the possible early identification of dyslexia.  

Workshops + General Community Support

School workshops and training sessions are available upon request.  Parent workshops and general meetings focused on specific topics for parents are scheduled regularly throughout the year.  Please check our website or contact the office for an up to date schedule.

Executive Functioning Support

Youth identified with the need for organization and planning support are assigned a teacher to help them stay organized. The teacher also follows up with the student’s school teacher frequently to ensure assignments are understood, are broken down into manageable parts, are not lost, and are handed in on time.

Individual Support

Youth identified with Dyslexia require additional school support outside of their classrooms.  At TLC, each child is assigned a teacher to work with them on a weekly basis on the areas identified as needing support.  The child uses their AT to complete their school work and during tutoring in specific subject areas.  In addition, the child’s TLC teacher works closely with your child’s school teacher to support any specific areas in need of additional support.

Students attending TLC are always welcome to come in and find a quiet space to get their work done.  As children get older they often look for spaces to do school work outside of the home where the environment is accepting and supportive.  We are happy to see our students drop in to work independently any time the clinic is open. 

Study Space

The Learning Clinic

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ADHD Diagnosis and Coaching
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